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Dynamic Systems Development Method

Reading about development methods and found this on Wikipedia.


There are eight principles underpinning DSDM Atern. These principles direct the team in the attitude they must take and the mindset they must adopt in order to deliver consistently.

1. Focus on the business need

The main criteria for acceptance of a “deliverable” is delivering a system that addresses the current business needs. Delivering a perfect system which addresses all possible business needs is less important than focusing on critical functionalities.

2. Deliver on time

3. Collaborate

User involvement is the main key in running an efficient and effective project, where both users and developers share a workplace (either physical or via tools), so that the decisions can be made collaboratively and quickly.

4.Never compromise quality

5. Build incrementally from firm foundations

6. Develop iteratively

A focus on frequent delivery of products, with assumption that to deliver something “good enough” earlier is always better than to deliver everything “perfectly” in the end. By delivering product frequently from an early stage of the project, the product can be tested and reviewed where the test record and review document can be taken into account at the next iteration or phase.

7. Communicate continuously and clearly

Communication and cooperation among all project stakeholders is required to be efficient and effective.

8. Demonstrate control

A website is no longer a website. It’s a business, I’d go as far as saying that 90% of websites are predominantly the main money earner in most businesses.